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Sep 06 2012

Joy Factor!

My last few posts have been sad, but even though the obstacles my scholars face are incredible, they always find ways to make my day not only bearable, but truly joyful. Some things that they do that make me happy:

  1. Text me at 8 am on a Saturday morning to let me know that he’s doing his homework.
  2. Tell me their dreams and aspirations (5-star restaurant owner/chef, officer in the marines, masters degree in software engineering, professional photographer at RISD…the list goes on and on)
  3. Say, “Miss! Can we pleeeease get back to chemistry? I want to learn today!” when the class gets off topic.

Other things that are entertaining:

  1. Multiple declarations of love from students and non-students
  2. Or even better, “Miss, if I were your age, I think I’d be attracted to you”…..Thanks? I think?
  3. When they point out that I have food on my face from a hastily eaten lunch
  4. Playing this game: “Miss, what are you?” “A human being.” “No, I mean, what ARE you?” “A woman. A feminist. A scientist. An artist. (Etc.)”. “Naw, Miss, like where are your parents from?” “Arkansas.” “LIKE RACE, MISS. WHAT IS YOUR RACE. He’s black, and I’m Dominican. What ARE you?” and other games when they try to ask me poorly worded questions.

Every day is hilarious in its own way.

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