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Oct 05 2012

The Things They Say

Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Today, we talked about carbon-14 dating and radioactive isotopes. I said that it was how we figured out how old dinosaur bones are.

“What if a lion does it with a rhino? Would their baby be a dinosaur?”

“Miss, how old are the dinosaurs? How old is the world?” Before I can answer, another student responds, “Dude, haven’t you read the Bible? It tells you in there!” and the first student retorts, “Um, dinosaurs existed before God did!”

Other zingers from a TGIF kind of day:

“Miss, you have cool clothes; you dress like a teenager!” <–not sure that’s a complement.

Student: “I wish we had cool teachers.” Me: “What? I’m not cool enough?” Student: “No miss, you’re like nice and care about us too much.” <—win?

Student: “Miss, why we always gotta learn stuff at school?”


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