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Oct 05 2012

The Things They Say

Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. Today, we talked about carbon-14 dating and radioactive isotopes. I said that it was how we figured out how old dinosaur bones are. “What if a lion does it with a rhino? Would their baby be a dinosaur?” “Miss, how old are the dinosaurs? How old is…

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Sep 06 2012

Joy Factor!

My last few posts have been sad, but even though the obstacles my scholars face are incredible, they always find ways to make my day not only bearable, but truly joyful. Some things that they do that make me happy: Text me at 8 am on a Saturday morning to let me know that he’s…

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Sep 05 2012

Bracing Myself

Every day, I hear a new waterworks-worthy story. Today, I taught a Liberian refugee basic phonics, because she can’t read. She’s very bright and picks things up quickly, but you simply can’t do science if you don’t know how to read and write. To make matters worse, she’s being shuffled in and out of foster…

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Sep 04 2012

On Teen Pregnancy

There is a girl in my homeroom who just turned 16 and is 7 months pregnant. Her belly is small for her stage but very round, like a watermelon in June. She gave me a nurse’s note to sign, letting me know that she’s allowed food and drink in class, frequent bathroom breaks, and elevator…

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Aug 30 2012

What They’re Up Against

Today was the 3rd day of teaching here at PPSD. Until now, I think I’ve been running on adrenaline, planning and performing, trying my hardest not to screw things up too badly. First of all, I love my kids. They’re amazing. Example: I sent home family and student information surveys, and at the bottom, I…

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Aug 30 2012

Classroom Creed

Classroom Motto

“Every endeavor pursued with passion produces a successful outcome regardless of the result. It isn’t about winning or losing–it’s about the effort put forth in producing the outcome. The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Adapted from Bollettieri.¬†Success comes with the mindset of a champion. Our creed and our motto…

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